Stop horse soring in its tracks

Stop horse soring in its tracks

Sometimes, the cruelty of our species overwhelms me.

Every year, I hear about something new and hideously cruel that we are doing, either to fellow animals on the planet or even to fellow humans. Animal “crush” videos, bull hooks in circuses… they never fail to amaze me. How cruel are we willing to get for the bottom line?

Today I read about horse soring. Apparently people who show horses will actually maim their horses in the leg and foot in order to make them step higher in competitions for better point results. They do this with chemicals, hoof knives, and other torture devices. The higher the gait, the more impressive the horse—even if that means, as indicated by the Humane Society’s undercover footage, mutilating one’s horse for the result.

This is simply outrageous, and members of the House are ruling on protections to add to the Horse Protection act to ensure it stops and people who do it are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But they need to hear from us to know that this is exactly what we want them to do—and we need them to do it now to help save horses from further suffering.

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