Dragonfly Saddlery

Dragonfly Saddlery shop in Hassocks, UK is well know supplier of horse and equestrian equipment. We stock good range of horse riding equipment including horse tack, horse saddles, horse bits, girths, horse bridles, head collars, grooming kits, etc.


A week ago, we put my 25 year old horse down.  My vet said he foundered, but we haven't changed a thing with our horses in 15 years.  I noticed today that all my garlic plants had been eaten.

Does anyone have any experience with this?




I bought a hourse about a year ago, other than his name and his age I know nothing about his history or origin. He has two brands one on his left shoulder which was given to him by the man I bought him from. He also has a brand on his left hip that I don't know, but I am hoping it'll tell me something about him. The brand on his left hip id a capital "D" over a O-ring snaffle bit. Does anyone know this brand? He is a large sorrel gelding that looks like he may be an Appendix he is around 15 years old. If you know anything please let me know I would loe to get some history on him.

"Utter gunk"?

I adopted a BLM mustang recently, from a neighbor who purchased her from an auction. She is about 4 yrs old. I have bathed twice before, first two bathes of her life.

I was bathing her today and noticed thick gunk, like a moist black/brown tar-like substance, not sure how else to explain it, between her utters. It does come off but did not want to start scrubbing and pulling it off before I asked for some advice. Is this ok to remove, is it a normal build up after 4 yrs w/o bathing?




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