Possibly pregnant mare.... Vet says no I say yes....

I purchased a little 16 year old mare a couple months ago, the people supposedly knew very little about her and now the phone is disconnected. She has been bagging up and I had her palpated, vet said no baby (This is not my usual vet for preg checking) Now not even 3 weeks later this mare has a nearly full bag, expressing a yellowish sticky fluid when her nipples are squeezed, edema from the udder to just in front of her girth, lengthening vagina and going in and out of being a loner from her pasture buddy who she is normally stuck at the hip with. Im wondering if maybe she is one of those mares that just has tiny babies and it was able to "hide" from the docs hand? I had one pony mare that we had no clue was ever exposed until the foal was born, maybe the same thing here? I plan to get her an ultrasound ASAP from a different vet as the one she went to said it was hormones in the grass causing her to bag up. Never heard of that before.


I would be interested in hearing what the ultrasound results were.  I googled it and there is stuff online about grass causing a mare to lactate.  However, if the ultrasound still shows no baby and you don't think it's the grass, have her tested for Cushings or a hormone imbalance -- it sounds like those are possible causes as well.


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